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Music Broadcast Agreement - Metadata and Artwork - Sponsor and Donation Agreement - DMCA

Privacy Policy - Music Licensing - Harry Fox - Sound Exchange - Music License Agreement

Loop Collection Agreement - Electronic Copyrights - Copyright Forms - Live Performance Streaming

For New Artists: The RADIO SEVA Music Broadcast Agreement


For New Artists: Submitting Content: Metadata and Artwork

RADIO SEVA Sponsor / Donation Promotion Agreement

What is DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act)?

SEVA Sound Privacy Policy

Music Licensing - The Harry Fox Agency - Sound Exchange

SEVA Sound Artist Music License Contributor Agreement (For Artists)

SEVA Sound Music Licensing Terms and Conditions (For Buyers)

SEVA Sound Artist Loop Collection Development Agreement (For Artists)

"e-CO" - Electronic Copyright Office

Form PA - Performing Arts Copyright Form (PDF)

Form SR - Sound Recording Copyright Form (PDF)

Facebook Live Performance Streaming and Copyright Infringement


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