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Rights Managed - Single Seat - Standard Music License Purchase Agreement

Rights Managed - Standard License


With the purchase of any SEVA Sound Standard Music License,

the buyer accepts the license terms listed below:

 Unlimited use, worldwide, in a single project and supporting materials, for the life of the project.

 Project Types: Web/Podcast; Point-of-Sale & Industrial

Rights Managed - Single Seat - Enhanced Music License Purchase Agreement

Rights Managed - Enhanced License


With the purchase of any SEVA Sound Enhanced Music License,

the buyer accepts the license agreement terms listed below:

 Unlimited use, worldwide, in a single project and supporting materials, for the life of the project.

Project Types: Web/Podcast; Point-of-Sale & Industrial;

Non-Web & OOH Advertising; TV & Radio Ads

Custom Synchronization Agreements for Major Music Production Applications (i.e. TV, Radio Shows, Film and Documentary,

and/or Apps and Video Games) are available through negotiations with SEVA Sound.


Preview the SEVA Sound License Agreement Terms and Conditions


Free Me (Aco-001) anthem; inspirational; about addiction and redemption; high energy acoustics; wonderful choral vocals

About the Giving (Aco-002)  inspirational; about caregivers and caregiving; fingerpicking acoustic guitars; vocals; lap steel; background vocals

Before You Go (Aco-003)  inspirational; about loss; love; friendship; acoustic guitar; piano; bass; vocals; personal message

Better with Age (Aco-004) about growing older; the Yin and Yang of aging; heartfelt; acoustic guitars; mandolin; squareneck dobro; bass

Missing My Old Man  (Aco-005)  remembering the lessons from a father; reflections; memories; positive lessons

A Tip of the Hat (Aco-006) inspirational; about personal truth; saying goodbye to those who dismiss you; acoustic guitar; viola solo; vocals

I'll Remember (Aco-007) about Alzheimer's Disease; moving; impact on family; love; inspirational; acoustic guitars; vocals; percussion

By the Fence in the Sun (Aco-008) father and son together; memories; a good day's work; heartfelt; loving; acoustic guitar; mandolin; vocals

The Calm Before the Storm  (Aco-009)  leaving a loved one to go to war; Desert Storm; anxiety; longing; loving; women and men in military

High School Heart  (Aco-010) teen age love; young adult love and longing; caring; loneliness; acoustic guitar; dobro; vocals

Say Goodbye to Me  (Aco-011) love lost; cheating; loneliness; betrayal; acoustic guitar; pedal steel; wonderful chorus harmonies

You Don't Have To  (Aco-012)  a tribute to a mother's love; caring; memories; heartfelt; acoustic guitar; pedal steel; vocals

I Find Myself Wanting You  (Aco-013)  Love; longing; desire; common memories; acoustic guitar; strings; piano; beautiful harmonies

Sinking Feeling  (Aco-014) spiritual; redemption; being lost; finding God; salvation; acoustic guitar; strings; recorder, vocals

An Old and Familiar Play  (Aco-015)  autobiographical; memories; past experiences; what makes the basics of character; acoustic guitars; vocals

The Way of the World  (Aco-016) up tempo acoustic instrumental; acoustic fingerpicking; mandolin; squareneck dobro; light percussion

Fresh Air  (Aco-017)  acoustic guitar fingerpicking and acoustic guitar lead; uplifting; stylish; excellent instrumental duo

Norfolk Days  (Aco-018)  acoustic rock with excellent three part harmonies; uplifting; paints a picture of the past eras of Norfolk, VA

Matinee (Aco-019)  Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; soft feel; full band; Electric Guitar leads; loving; great atmosphere

460 West to Blacksburg (Aco-020)  Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; folk style; violin; road trip; made for VA Tech students; memories; poetic

Christmas Lights (Aco-021) Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; Flute; Christmas memories; family, remembrances; holidays

Doctor of Love (Aco-022) Up tempo; full band; romance; support; piano solo; fun; dance worthy; love; relationships

Evanston (Aco-023) Acoustic; Guitar and Violin; vocals; relationships; road trip; love; soft; reflective

Mint Chocolate Chip (Aco-024) Instrumental; flute; piano; bass and percussion; medium tempo; jazzy; great background; soundtrack; alternative

Open Spaces (Aco-025) Acoustic; guitar; Vocals; violin; flute solo; freedom; reflective, back to nature; reflection; escape urban living

Solstice (Aco-026) Instrumental; acoustic guitar; flute; warm feeling; positive; inspirational

What You Say You’ll Do (Aco-027) Acoustic; guitar; vocals; violin solo; dreams; trust; keeping your word; life expectations; reflections


SEVA Sound Music License Contributor Agreement

(Artist Music Licensing Agreement with SEVA Sound)

All standard and enhanced music licensing production needs for SEVA Sound Artist Music License Contributors

will be processed for sale by Farley Music Services for SEVA Sound. 

Only Original Songs (no cover songs) will be accepted for licensing.

A SEVA Sound Artist Music License Contributor will receive 70% net of the published sale price of each standard and/or enhanced licensed musical work sold.  Expenses for the negotiation of “custom music licensing agreements”

will be paid from the final custom music licensing sale price.

All Published SEVA Sound Artist Music License Contributors retain their rights and royalties through their publishing companies

and their publishing rights organization or PRO existing agreements (i.e. ASCAP; BMI; SESAC; etc.).

Unpublished contributing artists must publish through Farley Music Services or another publishing company before acceptance of licensed music for promotion and sale. SEVA Sound Artist Music License Contributors

will retain and receive their royalties under their contracted publishing distribution agreements.

Only independently published music material will be eligible for standard or enhanced licensing by SEVA Sound.

All licensing contributors must sign the SEVA Sound Music License Contributor Agreement

before musical works are posted and sales begin.


By signing this SEVA Sound Artist Music License Contributor Agreement, you verify that the music being submitted is yours

to legally market, control, and/or sell, and, that SEVA Sound is not responsible in any way

for any issues, claims, compensations, or legal actions

that may arise from your signed claim to the ownership of this music.


Cancellation of this music publishing agreement between SEVA Sound and the SEVA Sound Artist Music License Contributor

must be formally received in writing (from either party)

thirty (30) days in advance before termination of the agreement is in force.   

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