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Rights Managed - Single Seat - Standard Music License Purchase Agreement

Rights Managed - Standard License


With the purchase of any SEVA Sound Standard Music License,

the buyer accepts the license terms listed below:

 Unlimited use, worldwide, in a single project and supporting materials, for the life of the project.

 Project Types: Web/Podcast; Point-of-Sale & Industrial

Rights Managed - Single Seat - Enhanced Music License Purchase Agreement

Rights Managed - Enhanced License


With the purchase of any SEVA Sound Enhanced Music License,

the buyer accepts the license agreement terms listed below:

 Unlimited use, worldwide, in a single project and supporting materials, for the life of the project.

Project Types: Web/Podcast; Point-of-Sale & Industrial;

Non-Web & OOH Advertising; TV & Radio Ads

Custom Synchronization Agreements for Major Music Production Applications (i.e. TV, Radio Shows, Film and Documentary,

and/or Apps and Video Games) are available through negotiations with SEVA Sound.

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Preview the SEVA Sound Music License Buyer Agreement


Free Me (Aco-001) anthem; inspirational; about addiction and redemption; high energy acoustics; wonderful choral vocals

About the Giving (Aco-002)  inspirational; about caregivers and caregiving; fingerpicking acoustic guitars; vocals; lap steel; background vocals

Before You Go (Aco-003)  inspirational; about loss; love; friendship; acoustic guitar; piano; bass; vocals; personal message

Better with Age (Aco-004) about growing older; the Yin and Yang of aging; heartfelt; acoustic guitars; mandolin; squareneck dobro; bass

Missing My Old Man  (Aco-005)  remembering the lessons from a father; reflections; memories; positive lessons

A Tip of the Hat (Aco-006) inspirational; about personal truth; saying goodbye to those who dismiss you; acoustic guitar; viola solo; vocals

I'll Remember (Aco-007) about Alzheimer's Disease; moving; impact on family; love; inspirational; acoustic guitars; vocals; percussion

By the Fence in the Sun (Aco-008) father and son together; memories; a good day's work; heartfelt; loving; acoustic guitar; mandolin; vocals

The Calm Before the Storm  (Aco-009)  leaving a loved one to go to war; Desert Storm; anxiety; longing; loving; women and men in military

High School Heart  (Aco-010) teen age love; young adult love and longing; caring; loneliness; acoustic guitar; dobro; vocals

Say Goodbye to Me  (Aco-011) love lost; cheating; loneliness; betrayal; acoustic guitar; pedal steel; wonderful chorus harmonies

You Don't Have To  (Aco-012)  a tribute to a mother's love; caring; memories; heartfelt; acoustic guitar; pedal steel; vocals

I Find Myself Wanting You  (Aco-013)  Love; longing; desire; common memories; acoustic guitar; strings; piano; beautiful harmonies

Sinking Feeling  (Aco-014) spiritual; redemption; being lost; finding God; salvation; acoustic guitar; strings; recorder, vocals

An Old and Familiar Play  (Aco-015)  autobiographical; memories; past experiences; what makes the basics of character; acoustic guitars; vocals

The Way of the World  (Aco-016) up tempo acoustic instrumental; acoustic fingerpicking; mandolin; squareneck dobro; light percussion

Fresh Air  (Aco-017)  acoustic guitar fingerpicking and acoustic guitar lead; uplifting; stylish; excellent instrumental duo

Norfolk Days  (Aco-018)  acoustic rock with excellent three part harmonies; uplifting; paints a picture of the past eras of Norfolk, VA

Matinee (Aco-019)  Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; soft feel; full band; Electric Guitar leads; loving; great atmosphere

460 West to Blacksburg (Aco-020)  Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; folk style; violin; road trip; made for VA Tech students; memories; poetic

Christmas Lights (Aco-021) Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; Flute; Christmas memories; family, remembrances; holidays

Doctor of Love (Aco-022) Up tempo; full band; romance; support; piano solo; fun; dance worthy; love; relationships

Evanston (Aco-023) Acoustic; Guitar and Violin; vocals; relationships; road trip; love; soft; reflective

Mint Chocolate Chip (Aco-024) Instrumental; flute; piano; bass and percussion; medium tempo; jazzy; great background; soundtrack; alternative

Open Spaces (Aco-025) Acoustic; guitar; Vocals; violin; flute solo; freedom; reflective, back to nature; reflection; escape urban living

Solstice (Aco-026) Instrumental; acoustic guitar; flute; warm feeling; positive; inspirational

What You Say You’ll Do (Aco-027) Acoustic; guitar; vocals; violin solo; dreams; trust; keeping your word; life expectations; reflections