RADIO SEVA Music Broadcast Agreement

(Published March 2020)

Here are the terms and conditions to be met in order to submit your music for airplay on RADIO SEVA.  By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the RADIO SEVA Music Broadcast Agreement, you are stating that:

1 – You legally own the publishing rights to EACH AND EVERY song being submitted.  As the legal owner of the songs being submitted, you give RADIO SEVA permission to broadcast your published songs.

2 – Your songs are publicly and commercially available for sale as a hard-copy

(CD, EP, or LP), via a streaming service (i.e. Spotify, Tidal, Apple, Amazon, Etc.),

or for purchase via a commercial digital download site. 

Please enter the link where your music can be  streamed, downloaded, or purchased in the required field provided on the RADIO SEVA Music Broadcast Agreement Form.


3 - You give written permission to RADIO SEVA to openly broadcast your songs and waive any expectation of or actual payment of any royalty to you from RADIO SEVA. 

Artists with existing PRO Agreements:

See the closing statement before the signature at the end of the terms of agreement.

4 – You are an “unsigned” artist.  This means that you have no binding legal agreements with any outside person(s) and/or record labels relating to their ownership of your music.

5 – You will submit a minimum selection of four (4) original songs of your choosing from each of your public CD or EP releases.  You are welcome to submit an entire CD or EP, but we prefer that you choose a select list of songs (you believe) to be your very best and/or most popular works.  New releases can be submitted when they are created and published.

6 – All songs submitted for broadcast must be ORIGINAL songs.  No cover songs recorded by RADIO SEVA artists will be broadcast.  Cover songs are songs that are copyrighted and published by someone other than you.  This not only promotes the original sounds and songs from Southeast Virginia artists, but (a) supports the performance of original music in the live music performance venues of Southeast Virginia and (b) eliminates the issues stemming from artists failing to obtain licensed permission from the publisher and copyright owner.  Once the station has fully researched the licensure issue, we will consider modifying this policy.

7 – In the future (at an agreed time) we will invite you to participate in live broadcast interviews video taping, and/or RADIO SEVA podcasts concerning your music, your history, the music of Southeast Virginia, and other topics of interest.  Interviews and podcasts will be developed for broadcast at Farley Music Services for RADIO SEVA.


8 – You will need to insert into EVERY MP3 SONG FILE the required metadata for each song you submit.  This will allow your name, song title, etc. to be displayed when being broadcast.




Metadata not only displays your track details to the listener, but is also required by law to be transmitted to your PRO to better insure your chances for royalty collection.

9 – You will honor the requirement of posting your support for RADIO SEVA to your fans and friends on your social media outlets (Website, Facebook Page(s), Twitter; Instagram, etc.)

on a weekly basis.


Broaden your support of the station by sharing any of the daily posts found on the RADIO SEVA Facebook page , or, adding RADIO SEVA to your own event posts or live performance announcements is an easy and efficient way to keep fans in touch

with links, events, and all aspects of RADIO SEVA and its music services. 

Your use of the official RADIO SEVA logo and link to the station

is permitted and encouraged for these purposes.

10 – Providing a “recorded introduction” to songs and/or albums allows listeners to have a personal insight into the song, its recording process, and/or its lyrical interpretations directly from you.  We encourage you to produce these introductions and submit them to RADIO SEVA.  Introductions should be exactly 30 seconds long.  The recording needs to be clear and the file named accordingly (Name of Artist – Intro – Song or Album).  Introductions are submitted in MP3 format.  This is not mandatory…but it would provide our listeners with the personal connection every musician would love to have with their fans. 

11 – You must live and work in Southeast Virginia, or, have recorded your music while living and working in Southeast Virginia.  This area can be defined as “Hampton Roads”: Williamsburg/James City County…the Peninsula…to across the Northern Neck…through to the southern Eastern Shore…and the Southside (Norfolk/Portsmouth/Virginia Beach/Chesapeake/ Suffolk.)

If you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the RADIO SEVA Artist Agreement above, complete the agreement information below

including your complete electronic signature...including the required Checkbox.



Acceptance of Agreement

As an independent, unsigned, published recording artist from Southeast Virginia,

I agree to all RADIO SEVA terms and conditions in this document

concerning the broadcasting of my music. 

I give permission to RADIO SEVA to openly broadcast my songs. 

In doing so, I waive any expectation of actual payments

and/or any royalty to me from RADIO SEVA, SEVA Sound, or Farley Music Services. 

NOTE: If I am affiliated with a PRO, the mandatory broadcast metadata for my broadcasted songs will be posted regularly to my PRO by LIVE365

for royalty distribution purposes.  

DISCLAIMER: Farley Music Services, SEVA Sound, and RADIO SEVA will not be held responsible or liable in any way for any consequences or legal actions that may arise from any misrepresentations on my part as to the terms and conditions of this agreement.


RADIO SEVA Music Broadcast Agreement

To complete the agreement, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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