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RADIO SEVA is part of the SEVA Sound family of products and services.
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RADIO SEVA Sponsor and Donation

Promotion Agreement



Sponsored and Donated Promotions


Weekly Promotion Air Time and Rate

Ten (10) 15 Second Promotions every broadcast day for one week

(or 70 15 second promos per week)

Air Time (6:00 AM – 9:00 PM)

Weekly Rate: $60.00  


Monthly Promotion Air Time and Rate

Ten (10) 15 Second Promotions every broadcast day for one month

(or 280 15 second promos per month)

Air Time (6:00 AM – 9:00 PM)

Monthly Rate: $160.00 


Annual Promotion Air Time and Rate


Ten (10) 15 Second Promotions every broadcast day for one year

(or 3,360 15 second promos per year)

Air Time (6:00 AM – 9:00 PM)

Annual Rate: $1,600.00  




Custom Sponsorship Promotions



“Venue Hour” Sponsorship: $75.00 per “Venue Hour”

Ten (10) 15 second sponsorship promos the day of and BEFORE the “Venue Hour” broadcast plus Sponsor Logo Visibility and Links on the RADIO SEVA Website. 



“Event Week” Sponsorship: $150.00 per “Event Week”

Ten (10) 15 second sponsorship promos every day of the week leading up to the event plus Event Logo Visibility on the RADIO SEVA website. NOTE: Event must be (a) showcasing an artist(s) from Southeast Virginia, and, (b) taking place at a Southeast Virginia venue.



“SEVACASTS” (Customized Podcasts): $125.00 (30 minutes)

and $250.00 (60 Minutes) per Podcast Event.

Podcasts will be produced and edited by SEVA Sound.  Recording and Production outside of SEVA Sound or Farley Music Services locations will incur an extra cost between $50-$100 per podcast based upon location, travel time, and recording date.  Podcasts will air live on RADIO SEVA once a week for four (4) weeks.  Podcasts will be placed permanently on the RADIO SEVA SEVACAST page of the SEVA Sound website for unlimited public access.



Sponsor and Donation Promotion Guidelines


All quoted RADIO SEVA rates will be in effect through November 1, 2020.

RADIO SEVA will not accept or broadcast sponsored or donated promotions by or for any political and/or religious personalities, groups, or institutions.  NOTE: Mandatory advertising minutes (minimum of 4 minutes per hour) required by and provided to LIVE365 are not subject to any guidelines or business values/beliefs held by SEVA Sound or RADIO SEVA.

Sponsor Promotions cannot be standard broadcast commercial advertising; they are required to be similar to the sponsor promos for public radio or television - statements of sponsorship and/or donation from a person(s), business, or institution.  This would include the sponsor’s name, location, links to social media, and acknowledgement of support for the music and/or musicians of Southeast Virginia.

Sponsor and Donation Promotion Agreement time slots

will be based on programming availability.

Payments accepted via Pay Pal (Pay Pal Account or Major Credit Card via Pay Pal)


RADIO SEVA Rate Sheet Agreement

Required Fields and Electronic Signature

To begin the agreement process, please take the time to fill out the information below,

including the electronic signature at the bottom.

Complete the process by clicking "Submit" at the end of the agreement form.

Tom Farley will contact you to discuss and secure the promotion type(s) and dates you would like to reserve and purchase. 


SEVA Sound will return the promotion agreement to you via email with the agreed promotion type, dates, and signature. 

Promotions will begin upon receipt of payment.

Payment Methods: PayPal or Major Credit Card via PayPal sent to